Web Camera for mbed-os. This sample works on GR-LYCHEE besides GR-PEACH. When you use this program, we judge you have agreed to the following contents. https://developer.mbed.org/teams/Renesas/wiki/About-LICENSE

Dependencies:   HttpServer_snapshot_mbed-os



GR-PEACH and MATLAB operations – Image differences – two jpeg (.jpg) image files. MATLAB using R2014A forward

Example – WebCamera –possible applications: Motion detection, Earthquake monitoring (or Camera vibration) Intruder detection, alarm function

Steganography*, (finding hidden messages in original source vs. modified version)

  • Can be independent of WebCamera – SURF section can be skipped for better performance

-MATLAB change detection, using general or WebCamera pictures - here is Scale Invariant difference of two similar pictures

This would be best case results –

File : difference.m (for MatLab) is complex code and Sqrt, Arctangent in SURF algorithms to do jpg to rgb absolute differences – this would not be fast on GR-PEACH. SURF is used as its 3-5x faster than SIFT.

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