Dependents of FXOS8700Q

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Mobile Security System - Revision 1.0
Interface layer for the mbed boards ready for the JAVA library
Example program for simple-mbed-client, connecting a device to mbed Device Connector.
Mbed OS and Pelion Device Management example for FRDM-K64F and FRDM-K66F boards device management, example, Example Program, nxp, Pelion
Pelion example for WIZnet IoT Shield with BG96 Cat.M1, K6xF board (SK telecom network in Korea) BG96, Cat.M1, Cellular, IOT, lpwan, MBED-OS, Pelion, SKTelecom, Wiznet
FXOS8700Q Magnetometer example for FRDM-K64F
FXOS8700Q Accelerometer example for FRDM-K64F
This program collects raw time series data from the ADC using the NXP board that will later be post processed by PFP Cyber-security cloud base machine learning engine to determine …
Demo example on FRDM-64F https://ide.mbed.com/compiler/#nav:/rzr-example-mbed; ethernet, FRDM-64F, sensor, USB