Example program for simple-mbed-client, connecting a device to mbed Device Connector.

Dependencies:   C12832 FXOS8700Q simple-mbed-client

Fork of simple-mbed-client-example by sandbox


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
45:cc5199df4b43 6 months agoMACRUMUse event API for sensor instead of thread default tip
44:5a1db9f98f5f 6 months agoMACRUMInitial commit
43:55ff37bc1332 7 months agoJan Jongboom Update to mbed OS 5.4.1, update easy-connect and simple-mbed-client
42:64009de6e5a4 8 months agoJan Jongboom Bump easy-connect and simple-mbed-client. Adds SimpleResourceFloat.
41:f944ef916f8f 8 months agoJan Jongboom Data member initializer is not allowed in ARMCC
40:6c039d073c0b 8 months agoJan Jongboom Defer LED play function to the event thread directly
39:5ee408a26231 8 months agoJan Jongboom Remove mbedtls_mbed_client_config, as it now lives in the library
38:fbbab77b54fb 8 months agoJan Jongboom Bump mbed-os, easy-connect and simple-mbed-client. Get rid of stringstream. Work by default on devices without entropy sources
37:70eaf98b5486 10 months agoJan Jongboom Update simple-mbed-client, use TCP by default
36:52249470d973 10 months agoJan Jongboom Add built-in LED on/off state for NUMAKER
35:4b11d20d60e9 10 months agoJan Jongboom Move main.cpp into source directory
34:1e8d914a2876 10 months agoJan Jongboom Move to mbed OS 5.2.3, get rid of Semaphore
33:dc49713510e7 12 months agoJan Jongboom Update simple-mbed-client to change FunctionPointer into Callback
32:498a158491ff 12 months agoJan Jongboom Pin easy-connect to master again, too much problems. Need to wait until mbed OS 5.2 before moving back to patched esp8266 lib
31:7da0411de650 13 months agoJan Jongboom Upgrade to mbed OS 5.1.4
30:36236b00a869 13 months agoJan Jongboom Move TX/RX to target dependent vars as well
29:dd6231df71bb 13 months agoJan Jongboom Override button in config, update mbed-os to latest master, update easy-connect
28:f5e41738699d 13 months agoJan Jongboom Make SW2 the button again
27:733d464dc189 14 months agoJan Jongboom update simple-mbed-client
26:068f4d476fd3 14 months agoJan Jongboom Update simple-mbed-client
25:b93913439b93 14 months agoJan Jongboom Revert mbed_app.json to use Ethernet and IPV4 feature
24:0a61ee19cf5b 14 months agoJan Jongboom Update easy-connect, use mbed OS 5.1.2, not master
23:16f397924e3d 14 months agoJan Jongboom Update to latest mbed-os and easy-connect
22:acadaa153699 14 months agoJan Jongboom Update easy-connect, simple-mbed-client and mbed-os
21:98a7fca9f99d 15 months agoJan Jongboom Update simple-mbed-client
20:b36b8a73b30f 15 months agoJan Jongboom Move target dependencies out of application and into library
19:3c04dc872ca5 15 months agoJan Jongboom Remove security.h
18:9aadd6ce6f87 15 months agoJan Jongboom Remove my security certificate
17:6d69aa1b393f 15 months agoJan Jongboom Update to latest mbed-os, latest simple-mbed-client, and add easy-connect
16:71ec73ea9b6d 17 months agoJan Jongboom Move from mbed.bld to mbed-os.lib
15:27e27ae4a6b0 17 months agojanjongboomUse sandbox/simple-mbed-client instead of janjongboom/simple-mbed-client
14:ddc258abaaac 17 months agojanjongboomUse semaphore in interrupt context, and up value in main thread.
13:d4da5e6aa952 17 months agojanjongboomUse simple-mbed-client to expose three resources to the cloud
12:31e60c8bb7f6 19 months agogekyAdded LWIPInterface
11:341c9f62028b 19 months agogekyAdopted the NetworkSocketAPI
10:1280c4c21987 20 months agogekyMerged hanging branches
9:96dddeefafe4 20 months agogekyUpdated libraries to latest revision
8:edf87b3b8ce2 20 months agogekyMerged rev7/rev4
7:711dfefe12ab 20 months agosam_groveUpdate sec file
6:db94bb4054f2 20 months agoSam Grove Add hgignore file
5:53d0782896dc 20 months agosam_groveremove readme and add macros.txt
4:dcd0494556be 20 months agogekySwitched to semaphore over conditions for signalling multiple updates
3:d047686d6e2c 20 months agogekyAdded correct config constants
2:e0bbeb20071b 20 months agosam_groveAdd error message for security.h
1:94ae3343aaa7 20 months agogekyAdded note about constants needed in README
0:9ad9d701b1c3 20 months agogekyInitial commit