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Using MultiTech UDK for mDot Dev

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  1. Code Samples

The MultiTech UDK can be used to program an mDot with custom firmware. The MTS_LoRaMac radio library provides communication through MultiTech Conduit routers to the M2X platform. The mdot-hackathon-library-example provides a starting point to create firmware to run directly on the mDot hardware.

UDK/mDot Quick Start Guide


Attached a USB cable to provide power to the board and mbed serial port. The RS232 port is connected to the DIN, DOUT pins on the mDot.

Example setup for serial io:

Serial serial(PA_2, PA_3) // connection to RS232 port
Serial pc(PA_9, PA_10)   // connection to USB mbed port

Code Samples

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