A library for talking to Multi-Tech's Cellular SocketModem Devices.

Dependents:   M2X_dev axeda_wrapper_dev MTS_M2x_Example1 MTS_Cellular_Connect_Example ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for SocketModem


Cellular This is a class for communicating with a Multi-Tech Systems SocketModem iCell
Endpoint IP Endpoint (address, port)
IPStack This class is a pure virtual class that should be inherited from when implementing a communications device with an onboard IP stack
MTSBufferedIO This is an abstract class for lightweight buffered io to an underlying data interface
MTSCircularBuffer This class provides a circular byte buffer meant for temporary storage during IO transactions
MTSSerial This class derives from MTSBufferedIO and provides a buffered wrapper to the standard mbed Serial class
MTSSerialFlowControl This class derives from MTSBufferedIO/MTSSerial and provides a buffered wrapper to the standard mbed Serial class along with generic RTS/CTS HW flow control
Cellular::Sms This structure contains the data for an SMS message
Socket Socket file descriptor and select wrapper
TCPSocketConnection TCP socket connection
Transport This class has been added to the standard mbed Socket library enabling people to use the Socket library interfaces for different transports that have their own internal IP-Stack
Vars This class holds several enum types and other static variables that are used throughout the rest of the SDK
Wifi This is a class for communicating with a Roving Networks RN-171 Wifi module


Cellular.cpp [code]
Cellular.h [code]
Endpoint.cpp [code]
Endpoint.h [code]
include_me.h [code]
IPStack.h [code]
MTSBufferedIO.cpp [code]
MTSBufferedIO.h [code]
MTSCircularBuffer.cpp [code]
MTSCircularBuffer.h [code]
MTSSerial.cpp [code]
MTSSerial.h [code]
MTSSerialFlowControl.cpp [code]
MTSSerialFlowControl.h [code]
MTSText.cpp [code]
MTSText.h [code]
Socket.cpp [code]
Socket.h [code]
TCPSocketConnection.cpp [code]
TCPSocketConnection.h [code]
test_main.cpp [code]
test_MTS_Circular_Buffer.h [code]
test_ping.h [code]
test_SMS.h [code]
test_TCP_Socket.h [code]
test_TCP_Socket_Echo.h [code]
Transport.cpp [code]
Transport.h [code]
Vars.h [code]
Wifi.cpp [code]
Wifi.h [code]