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Programming Adapter

The MAX32625PICO is a companion board for compatible Maxim Integrated mbed platforms that provides full mbed compatibility. It is designed to interface with Maxim Integrated mbed platforms using a fine pitch 10pin ribbon cable. The MAXDAP connector is backward compatible with the standard ARM Cortex SWD headers, but adds the console UART on typically unused pins for extra functionality.

Firmware Update

The MAX32625PICO hardware supports multiple mbed platforms, but the firmware needs to match the platform you are using to enable all the features. The virtual serial port and CMSIS-DAP debug adapter are universal, but the drag-n-drop programming must match the target platform being programmed. To update the firmware you need to put the board in maintenance mode and copy the new firmware image to the board. To put the board in maintenance mode you need to hold the button while the board is being connected to the computer. This will activate maintenance mode and the board will appear to the computer as a thumb drive named "MAINTENANCE". Drag and drop the new image onto the MAINTENANCE drive and the board will install the new firmware. When the update is complete, the disk will disconnect and reappear as a thumb drive named "DAPLINK". There are links to the firmware images below.

Firmware Images

MAX32625PICO DAPLink Images

You must load the matching DAPLink image for the platform you are programming in order for drag-n-drop programming to work.

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