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Freescale Freedom development platform code sharing (FRDM-K64F)

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Mikroe Click Relay module demo for NXP Freedom board (tested on FRDM-K64F)
FRDM-K64F fork of David Smart's RA8875 TFT Display with onscreen QWERTY touch keypad Demo
FRDM-K64F version of David Smart's RA8875_Demo using SDFileSystem to write to an SD card instead of LocalFileSystem
Extruder/Heated bed PID control for the FRDM-K64F
This is a copy of the Reference Standard PID controller ala
Demo of Thermistor to Temperature conversion using Steinhart-Hart equation on the FRDM-K64F baord
Freedom Example for the Seeed Grove Light Sensor
Freedom Example for the Seeed Grove Humidity and Temperature Sensor
USB HID Mouse/Keyboard example for Freedom boards
USB HID Mouse demo for NXP Freedom Development Platform. Move automatically the mouse cursor circularly on the computer screen
FRDM-K64F example featuring the Seeed Grove Temperature and Humidity sensor
HTTP SD Card File Server for the FRDM-K64F board
A test for a digital envelope detector using a rectifier and a low-pass filter. The program first creates sample vectors for sinusoidal waves of 2Hz and 20Hz (considering 1kHz sampling ...
Snake game on nokia N5110 LCD
Lets you control the FRDM-K64F board over the PC using the GUI software ( written in Python. To use the software, connect the FRDM-K64Fto your PC (via USB cable connected ...
Matrix Multiplication with 2 threads
Simple test for commanding the RGB LED. Use your mbed websocket to send a message, composed by a letter and a number. The letter can be 'r', 'g', or 'b', ...
State machines are commonly used to implement decision making algorithms. State machines are used in applications where distinguishable states exist. A finite state machine (FSM) is based on the idea ...
Basic PWM Control in Digital Port that does not have PWM function. I use the RGB LED on board.
This library can be used to control a low-cost Adafruit 358 TFT display. It has basic functionality but is a starting point for others trying to control this type of ...
Blinky disco lights for the K64F implemented with RTOS threads.
We can handle lights in differents rooms and the air conditioner with our cellphone. We can also switch between two operation modes (manual and automatic). In automatic mode, garden lights ...
The chronometer works receiving orders from a serial port at 9600bps: ASCII 1 for START ASCII 2 for PAUSE ASCII 3 for RESET The display module is a 8550, which ...
This program read temperature using two LM35 sensors on A0 and A1 analog inputs and displays average temperature using serial. Also, if the temp is in the range (18,22) C ...
Datalogger that reads temperature, humidity and light level every couple of seconds, and store the data in a microSD card (.CSV file).