I'm a brasilian undergraduate student, right now I'm working on a health care project that uses acelerometer data in order to estimate respiratory rate.

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This is an alternative way to control which channel is active. is saves only the channels that are active in a vector.
set pins in a order
Aprendendo a utilizar alocação dinâmica de memória
How to use Inheritance and constructor overloading
Creating an array of Classes
Conceito de Classe (Private Public),
Apenas UM acelerômetro em I2C, UM sensor de fluxo. Utiliza a biblioteca serial para enviar para o computador.
Example and exercise. A FSM with pointers
This program simulates a State machine with a Switch Case. Just an Exercise
This program uses a state machine with an if|else. Just an exercise.
Reads Analog and sends to the computer every 0.01 seconds.
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