Library to easily communicate with XBee modules.

Dependencies:   DigiLogger

Dependents:   WaterLogger XbeeGateway XBee_Cooker ProjetReceiver ... more

Issue: XBeeLib not working with S2C modules

the present version (as from April 2018) of the XBee library does not support the last version of XBee ZB modules (ZigBee 888-XB24CZ7WIT-004). Some fundamental issues have been solved by Lorenzo Maiorfi in: However when trying to receive more than 3 characters with the "ready to use XBeeZB_Receive_Data" routine (sending a unicast "0x10Transmit request" from the network Coordinator) the following error is obtained: CMSIS-RTOS error: ISR Queue overflow (status: 0x2, task ID: 0x0, object ID: 0x20008D70) Any help will be appreciated.

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24 Apr 2018

the problem was solved by commenting the following lines of the file config.h: #define ENABLE_LOGGING #define ENABLE_ASSERTIONS i.e. disabling logging functionalities.