Silica Sensor Node board sends custom ble advertising for the Gateway board

Dependencies:   X_NUCLEO_IKS01A2_SPI3W

Fork of sensor-node-ble by Roberto Spelta

Getting started with mbed SensorNode BLE


History project:

  • 26/01/2017 - First Release

This project uses the Bluetooth Low Energy in order to send advertaisments every second. These payloads are read by the Visible Things Gateway board, more about it here . Every advertaisments contains sensors data read form the SensorTile and the Silica Sensor Board. For details please read the document in the MAN folder,

The application:

  • reads sensors data (accelerometer, gyroscope, lux, pressure, temperature, proximity, magnetometer)
  • send these data by BLE

You can compile this project in three ways:

1. Using the Online compiler.


Learn how to use the Online compiler reading page.

2. Using the compiler on your PC


Learn how to use the mbed-cli reading page.
The name of the machine is SILICA_SENSOR_NODE.

3. Exporting to 3rd party tools (IDE)


Learn how to use the mbed-cli reading page. We have exported the project for you, please read here


This example requires a Visible Things Gateway board. If you don't have this board you can use RF Connect app from an Android phone just to see the raw data sent from the SensorNode.