Host library for controlling a WiConnect enabled Wi-Fi module.

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NetworkInterface Class Reference

NetworkInterface Class Reference

The provides an interface for joining and/or creating a network. More...

#include <NetworkInterface.h>

Inherited by Wiconnect.

Public Member Functions

WiconnectResult startWebSetup (const char *ssid=NULL, const char *password=NULL, const Callback &completeHandler=Callback())
 Start the WiConnect WiFi module 'web setup' feature.
WiconnectResult stopWebSetup ()
 Stop the WiConnect WiFi module 'web setup' feature.
WiconnectResult isWebSetupRunning (bool *isRunningPtr)
 Return status of WiConnect WiFi module 'web setup' feature.
WiconnectResult join (const char *ssid=NULL, const char *password=NULL, const Callback &completeHandler=Callback())
 Join a WiFi network.
WiconnectResult leave ()
 Leave a WiFi network.
WiconnectResult getNetworkStatus (NetworkStatus *statusPtr)
 Get connection status to WiFi network.
WiconnectResult getNetworkJoinResult (NetworkJoinResult *joinResultPtr)
 Get the result of joining the network.
WiconnectResult getSignalStrength (NetworkSignalStrength *signalStrengthPtr)
 Get NetworkSignalStrength of WiFi network module is connected.
WiconnectResult getRssi (int32_t *rssiPtr)
 Get the RSSI in dBm of WiFi network.
WiconnectResult getMacAddress (MacAddress *macAddress)
 Get MAC address of the WiFi module.
WiconnectResult scan (ScanResultList &resultList, const uint8_t *channelList=NULL, const char *ssid=NULL)
 Scan for available WiFi networks.
WiconnectResult ping (const char *domain=NULL, uint32_t *timeMsPtr=NULL)
 Ping a WiFi network.
WiconnectResult lookup (const char *domain, uint32_t *ipAddressPtr)
 Resolve domain name into IP address.
WiconnectResult setDhcpEnabled (bool enabled)
 Set DHCP enabled.
WiconnectResult getDhcpEnabled (bool *enabledPtr)
 Get if DHCP enabled.
WiconnectResult setIpSettings (uint32_t ip, uint32_t netmask, uint32_t gateway)
 Set static IP settings.
WiconnectResult setIpSettings (const char *ip, const char *netmask, const char *gateway)
 Set static IP settings (with string parameters)
WiconnectResult getIpSettings (uint32_t *ip, uint32_t *netmask, uint32_t *gateway)
 Get network IP settings.
WiconnectResult setDnsAddress (uint32_t dnsAddress)
 Set static DNS Address.
WiconnectResult getDnsAddress (uint32_t *dnsAddress)
 Get the static DNS address.
const char * getIpAddress (char *buffer ALLOW_NULL_STRING_BUFFER)
 Return the current IP address of the module if possible, else return

Static Public Member Functions

static bool strToIp (const char *str, uint32_t *intPtr)
 Convert string to IP address.
static const char * ipToStr (uint32_t ip, char *ipStrBuffer ALLOW_NULL_STRING_BUFFER)
 Convert IP address to string.
static const char * networkStatusToStr (NetworkStatus status)
 Convert NetworkStatus to string.
static const char * networkJoinResultToStr (NetworkJoinResult joinResult)
 Convert NetworkJoinResult to string.
static const char * signalStrengthToStr (NetworkSignalStrength signalStrenth)
 Convert NetworkSignalStrength to string.
static NetworkSignalStrength rssiToSignalStrength (int rssi)
 Convert RSSI (in dBm) to NetworkSignalStrength.
static NetworkSecurity strToNetworkSecurity (const char *str)
 Convert string to NetworkSecurity.
static const char * networkSecurityToStr (NetworkSecurity security)
 Convert NetworkSecurity to string.
static bool strToSsid (const char *str, Ssid *ssid)
 Convert string Ssid.
static const char * ssidToStr (const Ssid *ssid, char *ssidStrBuffer ALLOW_NULL_STRING_BUFFER)
 Convert Ssid to string.
static bool strToMacAddress (const char *str, MacAddress *macAddress)
 Convert string MacAddress.
static const char * macAddressToStr (const MacAddress *macAddress, char *macStrBuffer ALLOW_NULL_STRING_BUFFER)
 Convert MacAddress to string.

Detailed Description

The provides an interface for joining and/or creating a network.

It provides other utilities such as scanning for networks, pinging a network, resolving a domain name to IP address.

This class is an interface to the Wiconnect class. It should never be independently instantiated or the parent of another class.

Definition at line 55 of file NetworkInterface.h.