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How to flash the bin file to Renesas board ?

I have compiled my code . It was generated the .bin file . after how to flash .bin file on board ?

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GR-PEACH is an Mbed enabled platform which combines the advantages of the Mbed ecosystem and Arduino UNO form factor.

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If your Renesas board is MBED enabled then follow this tutorial and confirm this is working for your side:


Summary: The MBED enabled board will create a drive letter and you should be able to drag & drop the finished .bin file which will launch upon completion of this process.

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Yes ARM uses a FAT file format which makes the GR-PEACH look like a generic flash drive, this makes it easy to drag and drop the .bin compiled output file into a MBED() or D() drive on your PC/laptop. Then reset the GR-PEACH with the reset button on the board and then it runs your code.

Also you can find getting started GR-PEACH:


Then try the WebCamera Challenge with the CMOS Camera and Audio Shield and the NEW QR barcode reader with CMOS Camera WiFi Rohm BP3595 and 4.3" LCD screen

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Newer apps use this also:


This runs with remote monitoring by compiling with mbed5.1.x and interfaces reemotely with Postman, Heroku/Salesforce with Iphone option, Mbed Connect REST API and with IBM Bluemix Node Red Watson

posted by XtrmDesignsLLC GRPeach 12 Nov 2016