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HexiWear Docking Station Firmware?

I have managed to wipe out the default program on the HexiWear device and the docking station, the USB still works, but it reads as "MAINTENANCE" drive. Is there a link to the Daplink .hex file for the Hexiwear docking station so I can reinstall the firmware? The link "HELP_FAQ.HTM" on the MAINTENANCE drive points to 0234_microbit_if.hex, which doesn't work.

I have the same problem after only one download - stuck in MAINTENANCE mode and cannot find any instructions and/or files that work anywhere even using the Mikroprog software. Docking station does not show up as a serial port in Windows anymore.

posted by jim hamblen 01 Nov 2016

Hello all, I was also having same problem, Hexiwear was not responding and after connecting it through USB, it was showing as "MAINTENANCE" mode. Then after playing with it, I found following procedure which to recover it :

1. Unplug docking station from Computer and remove hexiwear from docking station

2. Make switches in default mode (i.e. all ON (up) except 3 and 4 in OFF(down) position)

3. Connect docking station through USB. Not it should show as "DPLINK" drive :)

4. Now connect Hexiwear to docking station (I don't know, how much risk is there in doing this, but please be careful)

5. Get latest Hexiwear code from github, link: https://github.com/MikroElektronika/HEXIWEAR

6. Build and debug code of MK64 folder as per given in link: https://docs.mikroe.com/Hexiwear_writing_first_program#Step_1:_Jump_Start_Your_Design_with_the_NXP_Kinetis_SDK.21 From link, continue steps from "Step 2: Building Hexiwear Project"

7. and we are back.....!!

Hop this will help you, Please reply if anything more required.

posted by Varad D. Kulkarni 02 Jan 2017

@Varad, if just reprogramming the Hexiwear original code, the instruction I give below Jan's Accepted Answer is much easier than people downloading gallons of toolchain & SDKs as in your step 6. :-)

posted by L Ofaday 16 Jun 2017

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According to NXP (and verified by myself):

Accepted Answer

Uros Cvetinovic sent me the file I needed. Thanks.

posted by R. Scott Coppersmith 25 Aug 2016

The query appears to be about the Docking station firmware but you appear to give a link to the Hexiwear firmware?

Anyway, for those googling and simply wanting to reinstall the Hexi FW, you do not need Mikroprog. With the Hexi in the Dock, switches set as said above, the Hexi will appear as a removable drive on your Win PC called (eg) "DAPLink (E:\)". Then download HEXIWEAR_MK64_v103.bin from Jan's link above. Now you simply drag and drop that bin into the DAPLink drive. The rest is automatic. The KW40 is very similar (hint: change dip switches).

posted by L Ofaday 16 Jun 2017
6 years, 4 months ago.

Hello R Scott,

I have looked at my docking station and see the Daplink drive but only see details.txt and mbed.html files. I am using windows with windows driver. Can you tell us about your setup. Which OS are you using. Which drivers are you using. What software, with version numbers.

Knowing this we may be able to extract the binary file from the Docking station for you?


Please see my comment given above and try it out.

Hope it will help you :)

posted by Varad D. Kulkarni 02 Jan 2017
6 years, 4 months ago.

Hi Martin Cluer:

I have same question, may I know which version of daplink firmware used in hexiwear dock station and where I can download it. Thanks a lot


Please see my comment given above and try it out.

Hope it will help you :)

posted by Varad D. Kulkarni 02 Jan 2017