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Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.

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Tools for Rapid Prototyping with Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are getting cheaper, more powerful and more flexible, but there remains a barrier to a host of new applications; someone has to build the first prototypes.

Without the right tools, implementation details can quickly get in the way of productive prototyping and experimentation. With mbed we're tackling this by being a tool focused on helping you developing prototypes fast. We haven't had to dumb down the technology; it's all built on industry standard stuff. We've just done a lot of the groundwork for you, and made the trade-offs and choices appropriate for the task, so you don't have to. With the right tools for the job, we think you'll be more adventurous, inventive and productive.

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The mbed Rapid Prototyping platform is designed for experienced embedded developers as a productive platform for developing microcontroller-based proof-of-concepts. For developers new to 32-bit microcontrollers, mbed provides an accessible way to get projects built with the backing of resources and support shared in the mbed community.

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Is mbed for me?

We've carefully designed the mbed microcontrollers and tools to be ideal for rapid prototyping. However, that doesn't mean mbed is for everyone.

mbed is not a replacement for all other embedded development tools or evaluation boards. It is missing a lot of features some tools naturally come with, like a JTAG interface, a breakpoint debugger, or even an offline version of the compiler (although you can use mbed with other offline tools). We are not trying to replace these tools, so if you need these sorts of features all the time, mbed is not for you! We'd recommend you choose one of the many great existing solutions for working with ARM Microcontrollers, and you'll be much happier.

mbed is designed for quick experimentation and iteration, where the focus is trying something out rather than optimising a final solution. And that means it is good for anyone from professional embedded engineers to people with expertise outside embedded exploring it for the first time. Professional embedded tools are like a complex CAD program, good for refining every detail. In contrast, mbed is more like a pencil and paper, great for quickly sketching out a design with the support of the resources, libraries and developer community.

If you think it is for you, please order one, or explore some more:

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