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Missing Wifi Enterprise (EAP) support in mbed 5

12 Sep 2017


u-blox seems to have dropped enterprise authentication support in mbed 5 (it was available and documented in the mbed 3 driver). They are massively advertising it (see ODIN-W2 ideal for critical applications with ATEX & Enterprise Security), but it cannot be fond anywhere?

Any ideas?

15 Sep 2017

Enterprise authentication is not supported by ODIN-W2 in Mbed OS 5.

The advertised EAP-TLS support on the linked webpage (from Spezial-Electronic) is related to the ODIN-W2 connectivity software version 4.0.

20 Sep 2017

Hi apet u-blox,

is it just not supported at the moment and there is a plan to implement it (when? Roadmap?) or will u-blox not support it at all for mbed 5 at all?

I wonder, as it already was supported with mbed 3, so basically it is about strategy:

  • shall we base our implementation on mbed 3 (which I understand is not really supported by mbed anymore)? Will u-blox continue supporting mbed 3 in the future? Is the mbed 3 implementation still regulatroy complient at all?
  • shall we base our implementation on mbed 5 and hope that u-blox will provide support?

We feel a bit left alone here - both options for the ODIN-W2 seem to be not what is expected from a professional product?


27 Oct 2017

Any news regarding your plans to implement enterprise authentication with mbed and uBlox ODIN-W2?

08 Nov 2017

Enterprise authentication is a potential feature for future ODIN-W2 Mbed OS 5 releases, but currently it is not part of the roadmap.

24 May 2018

Seems like Enterprise security is now available! At least uBlox now promotes this on their website for all firmware variants (including the "open CPU" variant, which afaik. means mbed): (look for the "Product selection" table).

Here is a screenshot of the website./media/uploads/mbedhe/2018-05-24_15h41_09.png

Could somebody please provide more details about how to actually use it?


20 May 2019

Wi-Fi enterprise security is now supported in the ODIN-W2 driver for Mbed OS5. APIs for PEAP and EAP-TLS is included.

Please see this pull request: