OpenOCD fork with CMSIS-DAP support

15 Mar 2013

See here:

Might be useful to folks not using Windows or Keil.

15 Mar 2013

Hi Igor,

Very nice work!! I will definitely give it a go!

For information, are using the mbed upgrade firmware for the KL25Z?

Cheers, Sam

15 Mar 2013

Just to make things clear, it's not my work :)

19 Aug 2013

Just an update on OpenOCD CMSIS-DAP support.

An updated version is on our review server where it is being tested before being included in the master branch of OpenOCD, please feel free to test and comment.

Currently only tested linux and windows, but as we use HIDAPI OSX should be supported just fine.

Cheers Spen

19 Aug 2013

That's great news! Please keep us updated on how well it is working etc.


19 Dec 2013

I just built it on os/x and it seems to work. I had to patch a few uninitialized variables an add a couple of casts to keep clang happy. I tried it with a frdm-kl25z board.

19 Dec 2013


23 Mar 2014

Can anybody help me to compile this for windows?

I've been trying for the last couple of days without success. I tried cross compiling in Ubuntu. I've tried cygwin and I've tried msys/mingw. But have not yet succeeded.

Any guidance will be appreciated or even if you can share the exe already built. (I would still like to be able to compile it myself)

28 Mar 2014


I'm distributing OpenOCD Win32 binary built with MSYS/MinGW.

Build script is also found in same binary archive(see "FROM_NEMUISAN_2U.txt").

I hope that you will be successful in my examination.

Best regards,


28 Mar 2014

Thanks Nemui,

Exactly what I needed.

28 Mar 2014

Silly question, but how do I clone the repository: or do I have to clone the github repo and then apply the patches from here manually?