Using mbedtls with the online compiler

13 Mar 2018

I'm trying to add SSL/TLS security to my mbed application. I have found a good HTTPS example that I can load and build in the online compiler.

My question is how is it building the mbedtls library? Is it built in to the OS image?

I see source code files #include-ing the mbedtls/* files, but the library is not part of the project.

I read about downloading and installing the mbedtls source code into the online compiler and was starting that process. I opened this example to reference how much of the mbedtls library was being used, and how it was imported into the online compiler. To my surprise, the mbedtls library is not part of the project, but everything still builds and works as expected.

Where is some documentation that describes this functionality? What elements of this example project direct the compiler to find the source code for the mbedtls library in another location?

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