HTTP and HTTPS example application for mbed OS 5

Dependencies:   mbed-http

This application demonstrates how to make HTTP and HTTPS requests and parse the response from mbed OS 5.

It consists of four demo's, which you can select in source/select-demo.h.

Response parsing is done through nodejs/http-parser.

Note: HTTPS requests do not work on targets with less than 128K of RAM due to the size of the TLS handshake. For more background see mbed-http.

To build

  1. Open mbed_app.json and change the network-interface option to your connectivity method (more info).
  2. Build the project in the online compiler or using mbed CLI.
  3. Flash the project to your development board.
  4. Attach a serial monitor to your board to see the debug messages.

Entropy (or lack thereof)

On all platforms except the FRDM-K64F, FRDM-K22F and EVK-ODIN-W2, the application is compiled without TLS entropy sources. This means that yourcode is inherently unsafe and should not be deployed to any production systems. To enable entropy, remove the MBEDTLS_NO_DEFAULT_ENTROPY_SOURCES and MBEDTLS_TEST_NULL_ENTROPY macros from mbed_app.json.

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