USB comm possibilities/limitations

26 Nov 2009

Hi MBEDders!

Congratulations to having created the most rapid and cool development system I'v seen in years!

I intend to use MBED for proof-of-concept designs but I'm not sure where the limit goes so therefore I have a bunch of "newbe" questions.

Is it correct that the built-in USB port essentially is tied to the MBED loader system?  I.e. I won't be able to try arbitrary USB communication, serial port emulation is the only option?  That's not bad but I need to know so that I keep my design within the borders :-)


26 Nov 2009

The mini-USB connector on the board is actually connected to mbed's UART (via some circuitry). The actual USB port on mbed (marked D+ and D-) remains accessible to user programs.

26 Nov 2009 . Edited: 26 Nov 2009


The USB of the LPC17XX is used for the USB communication ( connector ). The MBED part connects using different pines and its own USB connection.

Good luck.