Android ADB

01 Jul 2011

I'm planning to connect an Android 1.5 device (nook classic) to the mbed using the USB host in order to add a portable, very low power user interface to my project. I have found several implementations of ADB on microcontrollers ( ) but has any work been done on ADB on the mbed? (There are some ADK implementations but I don't think that works on Android 1.5.)

08 Sep 2012

ADK supporting the ADB works on 2.3.4 Android onwards and USB host capability for Android starts from Android version's over 3.1 starting, So in a nutshell according to this you have to atleast have a 2.3.4 ginderbread running, you can check my info on

14 Sep 2012

The ADB is a much better way of doing this than the ADK. I'm sorry to say that I've not seen any examples of this on mbed, however having a look at the arduino code for the subject would probably give you some info; or the IOIO website, who are the people who have taken it a real step forward.