File size

11 Mar 2011

Where can I get some information about the maximum file size allowed 7 possible in the cloud compiler environment. Backgroud: Yesterday I tried to upload a file with 1.4 MB source code (SQlite3) and I get an error.

11 Mar 2011

Well, I think the mbed interface consists of a single 16 megabit SPI flash IC. This is probably the flash-memory you see on your PC.

That'll be 2 MB of space for you to use, so unless it's filled with something else, it probably should work?


11 Mar 2011

Hi Thomas,

The file upload limit is currently around a few hundred kbs, so it would certainly not allow 1.4MB, although it sounds like you didn't get a great warning telling you this; we'll make it more obvious.

I don't know SQLite3, but my expectation given I think it is a fairly comprehensive SQL implementation is that it's requirements for RAM in particular are going to be much bigger than what the LPC1768 has; might be worth checking what it requires before attempting a port. It is one of the reasons we don't have a high upload limit; if the files are getting that big, it is often likely it is not appropriate code for mbed and the LPC1768.

Would be great to hear what you find out.