Which FAT FS library is the mbed FAT filesystem based on?

23 Jan 2011

I was wondering which FAT filesystem library the mbed libraries were based on. I have used ELM FAT FS, but there is also EFSL. I have not had a problem yet getting a card to work with ELM FAT FS, but I have only tried 5 or so different card brands.


23 Jan 2011

Hi Daniel,

The core mbed libraries (as featured in the Handbook) don't actually include a FAT filesystem, just something to plug File Systems in to. But I did also write a test "FATFileSystem" based on the ELM/Chan FS that a fair number of people have used successfully to talk to SDcards and USB disks.

Thanks, Simon

20 Mar 2017


Does this library works with NOR flash.

Thanks, Naeem