Is there a way to increase the compiler warning limit

11 Nov 2010

I try to port a large library. The cloud compiler stops compiling after 20 warnings, but the warnings are not critical. There is no error so far and I would like to be able to create an executable. I'm far away from testiing/debugging yet.

Is there a way to increase the warning limit or to disable warnings (disabling specific warnings would be ok) by #pragma or any other method ?



12 Nov 2010

Hi Andreas,

You can use a pragma "diag_suppress" to suppress particular warnings and errors by number. For example:


#include "mbed.h"

#pragma diag_suppress 177

int main() {
    int x;
    return 0;

This suppresses the error "<entity> was declared but never referenced".

Not all the numbers are displayed in the compiler at the moment, so you can search this page to look up the code:

As you say, the compiler output is currently hard limited to 20 entries; this should be updated to allow unlimited messages, so we'll look to do that as well as including the error id's more clearly. Hopefully the pragma will give you what you need for now.


12 Nov 2010

Simon, thank you.

This was what I was looking for. The project compiles now.