I2S Demo required

15 Jul 2011

I am looking for an understandable I2S Demo code,

I have found:



but neither explain how to set it up, or fill the buffer with my own data,

the second one I have managed to get going,

but all that appears to get sent out is whatever is in the last array entry ?

Can anyone help ?



15 Jul 2011

Hi Ceri,

I'm currently working on an I2S abstraction library to interface the mbed with the TLV320AIC23B, an audio codec. I currently have a library which I took off the internet, but it's not very intuitive and I have no idea how to edit it. Anyway I wouldn't be allowed to publish it, not being my own work, which I why I'm writing my own.

I2S is quite a weird interfacing protocol, as you've probably found out and the fact that there really is no set standard for wiring does pose a bit of a problem, so I suppose the place to start at is to ask what is your pinout.

Chapter 20 of the mbed manual outlines the I2S functionality and this is also quite helpful. I haven't got anything of my own up and running as of yet, but I should be able to communicate some time next week. In the meantime, I'm happy to (attempt to) answer any questions.


15 Jul 2011

Ceri, download this driver library. It contains code usable directly most peripheral of the 17.


and download

LPC175x and LPC176x CMSIS-Compliant Standard Peripheral Firmware Driver Library (GNU, Keil, IAR) (Jun 21, 2011)

15 Jul 2011

Or just see:-

Import programDriverLibrary

NXP's driver library for LPC17xx, ported to mbed's online compiler. Not tested! I had to fix a lot of warings and found a couple of pretty obvious bugs, so the chances are there are more. Original: http://ics.nxp.com/support/documents/microcontrollers/zip/lpc17xx.cmsis.driver.library.zip

15 Jul 2011

If you look at the date, the link I posted has updated version of the lib Jun 21, 2011.

16 Jul 2011

This has some I2S code don't know if that is any use to you