Bug in UART library (NXP 16550 compatible UART)

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18 Jul 2013


A bug report has been posted to Japanese forum:

It seems to be a problem in UART library (only for NXP 16550 compatible UART).

When sending operation is happened during receiving operation, receiving operation seems to be broken by serial_putc() function.

It appeared only in full-duplex communication, not in half-duplex communication.

Because THR and RBR register shared same address, receiving data has been wrongly read in serial_putc().

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24 Jul 2013

Actually i even don't see any reason why they put these last four lines of code into the serial_putc function. They just make no sense to me.

Maybe i'm overlooking something, but why would one define two local variables in a function and assign a register value to them, then assign them to themselves again and do nothing with them in the end ???

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07 Sep 2013

I also noticed this issue while looking at the serial code. I have created a pull request which removes this extra code. It looks like it was some debug code that got committed by mistake.


09 Sep 2013

Thanks for the report and the fix! The pull request was merged.