Questions and comments about yotta

03 Oct 2014

It seems to me that the management of libraries in the Arduino IDE is one of its best features, since it has made it so easy for people to distribute useful bits of source code to each other. The library writers don't have to compile it for N different platforms, and the library users don't have to copy the code all over the place or change advanced configuration options for their projects. The integrated example code is also a huge feature. People doing other types of embedded development (e.g. with Atmel Studio, MPLAB X, or arm-gcc) could really use something that provides that same style of library management.

I could imagine a tool that can understand what kind of platform you are compiling for and what compiler you are using, compile all your embedded libraries for you, and then assist you in configuring the IDE of your choice to use those libraries. Or if you don't want to use an IDE, it could also just build your whole project for you.

Will yotta will have features like that? Will it be a general-purpose development tool, not specifically tied to ARM projects? I imagine you are still in the early stages of developing it, so I would encourage the mbed team to make those answers be "yes".

- David

04 Oct 2014