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Install or upgrade

Mbed CLI 2 is a Python package called mbed-tools, so you can install it with pip.

Tip: We recommend using a virtual environment to avoid Python dependency conflicts.



Pip requires some header files and static libraries. Install the Python development package to get them:

For example on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python3-dev

Use pip to install:

  • To install the latest release:

    python -m pip install mbed-tools
  • To install a specific version:

    python -m pip install mbed-tools==<version number in major.minor.patch format>
  • To install a pre-release or development version:

    python -m pip install mbed-tools --pre

Tip: On a Unix-like system, ensure that ~/.local/bin is accessible and in your path.


Use pip to upgrade your version:

python -m pip install mbed-tools --upgrade
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