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Mbed OS bare metal profile

There are many use cases for IoT devices. Different use cases require different configurations, connectivity and security. They also have different requirements for resource consumption. Many products must operate in ultraconstrained environments on tiny MCUs with low memory and compute power available. We created the Mbed OS bare metal profile for IoT devices that require ultraconstrained resources.

Mbed OS bare metal profile block diagramMbed OS bare metal profile block digram

The Mbed OS bare metal profile is a compact profile of Mbed OS 5 without an RTOS. The Mbed OS bare metal profile is API compatible with Mbed OS 5 and supports a subset of features of Mbed OS 5, such as analog I/O, digital I/O, timers and digital interfaces, such as SPI, I2C, Serial and CAN. Mbed Studio, Mbed CLI and the Mbed Online Compiler all support the Mbed OS bare metal profile.

Features Mbed OS 5 bare metal Mbed OS 5
Analog I/O Available Available
Digital I/O Available Available
Digital interfaces Available Available
Timers Available Available
Development tools
(For example, Mbed CLI, Mbed Studio, Mbed Online Compiler, GCC, Arm Compiler 6 and so on)
Available Available
Support for Mbed Enabled development boards Available Available
RTOS Not available Available
Storage Ecosystem libraries Available
Mbed TLS Not available Available
Mbed PSA Not available Available

To begin using the Mbed OS bare metal profile from Mbed OS 2, please follow our instructions.

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