Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor MAX44000

MAX44000 Ambient Light, Proximity Sensor. Designed to drive an external infrared LED while using low power. Supports VDD of 1.7V to 3.6V.

Hello World

Import programMAX44000PMB1_Demo

Demonstrates the MAX44000 library and some of the features of the MAX44000


Import libraryMAX44000

Library for the MAX44000 Ambient Light Sensor / Proximity Detector



MAX44000 is the perfect solution for waking up touch-screen portable devices.

The on-chip ambient light sensor is capable of a wide dynamic range of 0.03 lux to 65,535 lux measurements. An on-chip IR proximity detector is matched with an integrated IR LED driver. Readings are available on an I²C communication bus. A programmable interrupt pin minimizes the need to poll the device for data, freeing up microcontroller resources.

MAX44000 consumes as little as 11µA (time averaged) in ambient light sensing plus proximity sensing, including external IR LED current.

The hello world example is written to work with the MAX44000PMB1 peripheral module and the MAXREFDES72# adapter board.

PINOUTS : MAX44000PMB1 Proximity Sensor Module


MAX44000 Linux IIO C source code driver


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