Dependents of RHT03

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

A sample program showing how to read data from the RHT03
Code for the IOT wirless sensors demo. Including the NFC communications for setting up the sensor.
Source-code for cansat implementation in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt. Alex, alexandria, bibalex, CanSat
integration with sensors
MQTT test project. MQTT, WiFly
This is the first stage and sends data (temp, humidity) to mqtt server. client, MQTT
Clock with sensors for temperature, humidity and air pressure. TFT 2.2inch 320x240 SPI with SDCard socket. Sensors: DHT22 aka AM2302, SHT11, BMP180 RTC: DS3231 with 24C32 EEPROM on board. BMP180, DHT22, DS3231, QVGA, RTC, SDFileSystem, TFT
Data logger: Sensors -> Barometer & temperature (BMP180), Humidity & temp. (RHT03), Sunshine (Cds): Display -> 20 chracters x 4 lines: Strage -> EEPROM (AT24C1024): Special functions -> Enter sleep … AT24C1024, BMP180, cds, M41T62, RHT03, TextLCD, wakeup
How to use the GPS, DS18B20, analog input and SDCARD
Barometer program : Data Logger function includes Barometer & temperature (BMP180), Humidity & temp. (RHT03), Sunshine (Cds), RTC(M41T62) data. : Logging data saves into EEPROM (AT24C1024) using ring buffer function. LPC1114FN28