Dependents of Camera_LS_Y201

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera Test Program. camera, color, JPEG, LinkSprite
Motion Detected Pictures On a Server
This is the ServoCam Project, as shown here: mbed, samera, ServoCam, servos, UART
RFID door access with security camera camera, mbed
ECE 4180 Georiga Tech - Smart House Project: mbed1 (v1)
카메라 camera
This is a test program for Camera_LS_Y201 class. Camera_LS_Y201
The receiver's code for Home Security with RF
A security system that detects the movement of an object in a box using IR distance sensors
A security system that is activated after the object is removed from the box.
ECE 4180 Project
ECE 4180 Final project: Kehinde, Marcus, Chidi, Sulemana
Final 350 project