LS-Y201 Camera

The LinkSprite JPEG color / infrared camera allows you to capture and output JPEG images through UART, making it easy to integrate into an existing design.

Hello World

Import programCamera_LS_Y201_TestProgram_2014

This is a test program for Camera_LS_Y201 class.


Import libraryCamera_LS_Y201

LinkSprite LS-Y201 JPEG Color Camera.




These only work reliably with a 5V power supply, even though the manual states they can work at 3.3V. If you want to use it at 3.3v, you will need a lower baud rate.


There are two versions of the camera: The RS-232C interface model and the TTL interface model.

Please do NOT connect RS-232C interface model directly. You can connect TTL interface model only.

VGA/QVGA/160x120 resolution
Support capture JPEG from serial port
Default baud rate of serial port is 38400
5V power supply
Size 32X32mm
Current consumption: 80-100mA

The output


This camera can also be used for taking infrared pictures. Please see the post here on how to do this.

Import programInfraredCameraExample

Takes four pics and stores them on the embed. Light not required as built in infrared feature is automatic!

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