This is a modified "BLE_Default_App". It doesn't use retargetStdout() which allows it to work with online Libs available on 20150123 (nRF51822, BLE_API)

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822

App for FOTA testing:

  • IO:
    • Blinks a LED on platform to show App alive
    • LEDs also follow buttons to show immediate response.
    • BLE UART has ping message, and also echos back any received bytes (Use with Android App: nRF UART 2.0).
  • It compiles and runs as FOTA and non-FOTA platform which may assist debugging
    • platform "Nordic nRF51822 FOTA" for FOTA Loading
    • platform "Nordic nRF51822" for mbed drive loading
  • Supports mbed and non-mbed PCBs (all compiled using platform "Nordic nRF51822 FOTA")
  • Compile options available for:
    • nRF51822-mkit (Includes USB Serial Debug)
    • nRF51822-EK
    • nRF51822-Beacon (nRFBeacon)
    • Atomwear (Button and LED on main PCB only)
    • *If anyone gets this working with other publicly available PCBs let me know and we can add it in
Download repository: zip gz