Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP on Windows Embedded & IoT. Azure Advisor. Devices to cloud, IoT, M2M and embedded systems. Speaker & Writer.

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  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Remote monitoring IoTHub device sample Added real SHTx sensor to get temperature and humidity Added new command to set temperature scale change Removed "mock" commands to set temperature and humidity …

    AMQP, Azure, IOT, IoTHub
    Last updated: 15 Nov 2015 24 2
  • SHTx

    Humidity and Temperature Sensor - Sensirion SHT1x driver (with exported functions to use it from C code)

    Humidity, Sensirion, sensor, SHT, SHT15, SHT1x, Temperature
    Last updated: 15 Nov 2015 3 2
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