chris stevens

Oxford, United Kingdom

Professor of Engineering at Oxford University

Teaching using mbed since 2012

Key mbed work : development of mbed based underwater life support monitoring and control applications.

chris’s public repositories

  • 4spi_oled_ssd1305

    SPKDisplay - A mbed display class and processing imaging tools for 128x64 OLEDs using the SSD1305 driver, connected via SPI. This variant drives a Unigraphics oled on the same driver ...

    OLED, ssd1305
    Last updated: 29 Jan 2013 6 17
  • OS 2

    A code to drive a 3sensor reading unit for monitoring the operation opf a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) with 3 electrogalvanic sensors. Also uses a DS1307 for realtime clock and ...

    Last updated: 12 Apr 2013 10 4
  • OS 2

    Software to drive a monitor unit for a closed circuit rebreather using 3 electrogalvanic oxygen sensor cells run through an amplifier (lm324) . Uses a separate ds1307 clock IC to ...

    Last updated: 16 Jan 2013 10 3
  • TextOLED

    TextLCD library for controlling various LCD panels based on the HD44780 4-bit interface. adapted for winstar oled display by CJS august 2012. Moved some functions into public class to enable ...

    HD44780, TextLCD
    Last updated: 12 Apr 2013 13 21
  • TextOLED_custom

    version fonteh text LCD library to drive the winstar 16x2 oled unit, allowing access to setting custom characters.

    Last updated: 15 Jan 2013 12 12
  • TextOLED_customchar

    mbed TextOLED Library, for a 4-bit LCD based on Winstar WEH000000 series Originl: 共立電子 デジット の OLEDモジュール 4bitモード用 adapted 12/3/2013 by CJS to make custom character defintions possible

    OLED, TextLCD, WEH000802, WEH001602, Winstar
    Last updated: 12 Mar 2013 4 5
  • OS 2

    Test program for 2.2 QVGA TFT with SD-connector. Inexpensive from modified CJS 2014 Kl-25Z

    Last updated: 11 Jun 2015 4 5
  • OS 2

    Demo program to use the internal timer for long times

    Last updated: 25 Jul 2013 2 6
  • OS 2

    driver demo for univision oled dispaly

    Last updated: 29 Jan 2013 1 32
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