A library which allows the playing of Wav files using the TLV320

Dependents:   RSALB_hbridge_helloworld RSALB_lobster WavPlayer_test AudioCODEC_HelloWorld

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for WavPlayer


I2S A class to play give access to the I2S library
TLV320 A class to control the I2C part of the TLV320
WavPlayer A class to play WAV files from a file system, tested with USB


I2S.cpp [code]
I2S.h [code]
RingBuffer.cpp [code]
RingBuffer.h [code]
sinelookup.h [code]
TLV320.cpp [code]
TLV320.h [code]
WavPlayer.cpp [code]
WavPlayer.h [code]
WavPlayerConfig.cpp [code]
WavPlayerConfig.h [code]