Simplest UPnP basic device example. This program to run UPnP basic device on the mbed.

Dependencies:   NyFileSystems libMiMic mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of MbedFileServer by Ryo Iizuka

This is UPnP BasicDevice by MiMicSDK. BasicDevice is most simplest UPnP device.

How To Use

  • Write firmware to your mbed.
  • Reset mbed and update firmware.
  • Check your "network computer" folder by Exproler. (in case of windows.)
  • You can find UPnPBasicDevice hosted by mbed. (If you can not find device then reflesh exploler information.) /media/uploads/nyatla/upnp-exploler.png
  • If you double-click UPnPBasicDevice, the presentation page on device is opened. /media/uploads/nyatla/upnp-presentation.png


  • AutoIP
  • SSDP
  • DeviceDescription hosting (Httpd)
  • SOAP (not implemented)
  • GENA (not implemented)

Source Code

It is simple and short!

 * @file
 * Simplest UPnP basic device.<br/>
 * This program is upnp:BasicDeveice:1 template.
 * <p>
 * After starting program, check "network" by Exproler.
 * MiMic basic device will be appeared.
 * </p>
#include "mbed.h"
#include "rtos.h"
#include "SDFileSystem.h"
#include "mimic.h"
#include "utils/PlatformInfo.h"
#include "fsdata.h"
Net* net;
 * Httpd for UPnPService and presentation.
class UPnPBasicDeviceHttpd:public MiMic::Httpd
    ModUPnPDevice modupnp;
    ModRomFiles modromfs; //ROM file module    
    UPnPBasicDeviceHttpd(NetConfig& i_cfg):Httpd(i_cfg.getHttpPort())
        //prepare fs data (presentation.html,icon,image.)
        //bind upnp service to module.
    virtual void onRequest(HttpdConnection& i_connection)
        //try to ModRomFS module. for icon,images.
        //try to UPnP service. for descriptions.
        //Otherwise, Send the redirect response to /rom/index.html
            "Status: 302:Moved Temporarily\r\n"
            "Location: /rom/index.html\r\n");     
NetConfig cfg; //create network configulation
int main()
    net=new Net();//Net constructor must be created after started RTOS
    //Prepare configulation.
    cfg.setUPnPIcon(64,64,8,"image/png","/rom/icon.png");//set upnp icon address
    cfg.setUPnPUdn(0xe29f7103,0x4ba2,0x01e0,0); //set application timebase-uuid time and sequence field.
    cfg.setFriendlyName("UPnPBasicDevice(LPC176x)"); //set friendly name
    cfg.setUPnPPresentationURL("/rom/index.html"); //set presentationURL
    cfg.setZeroconf(true);//AutoIP enable
    UPnPBasicDeviceHttpd httpd(cfg); //create a httpd instance.
    httpd.loop();  //start httpd loop.
    return 0;

I think that this code helps to make Web connection to your application easily.