Report: mbed-fest2010 (1st user meeting in Tokyo 02-Oct-2010)

mbed fest 2010 : at Gedget Cafe, Koenji, Tokyo, Japan -- on 02-Oct-2010 (13:15-19:30)
(Please find blog page of jksoft913: report in Japanese)

The 1st user meeting has been held in Tokyo on 02-Oct. The meeting called mbed-fest 2010 (mbed祭り 2010). Over 30 people atended to this meeting to have sessions of presentation, workshop, lottery and party. It was very exciting time for everyone including people joined from remote, connected by USTREAM and Twitter. We hope we can have the meeting again in near future.

The mbed-fest 2010 was hosted by @jksoft093, supported user community in Japan.

Agenda was...

  1. Presentation: "Social electrical handicraft" by @jksoft093
  2. Presentation: "About 'mbed'" by @tedd_okano (as NXP). Most exciting moment was mbed-team on the screen saying 'Hi!'.
  3. Presentation: "The baseboard: StarBoard-Orange" by @logic_star
  4. Workshop: Hands-on for people very new to mbed (LED blinking, program sharing on by @jksoft093, 20 mbed are lend in the workshop. All people experienced the mbed's fast, easy and powerfull development environment on actual board!
  5. Presentation: "A prototyping tool set which actually works: mbed+StarBoardOrange and expansion" by @shintamainjp
  6. Presentation: "Audio-craft on mbed -- designing and imprementing lossless audio compression/decompression format --" by @lynxeyed_atsu
  7. Presentation: "mbed based GPS logger" by @tosihisa
  8. Lottery: priszes = StarBoard-Orange, StarBoard-Orange-expansion board, LPCXpresso-LPC1768, mbed NXP LPC1768 etc..
  9. Party and demo of user applications

Followings are pictures taken by @ytsuboi (Thank you!) and @tedd_okano.

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