mbed-fest 2013 WEST (@Osaka)

mbed-fest 2013 WEST was held in Osaka on 13-Apr-2013 (@ ROBOBA, Nipponbashi, Osaka). /media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_img_5992s.jpg

This was a first time user meetingwas in west Japan area. Attended 30+ people enjoyed to share information about mbed.
This meeting was organised by eXodusino. Thank you very much!

Presentation sessions were done by 8 people they told about..

  • And we had special guest from Freescale semiconductor to introduce FRDM KL25Z.

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And in this mbed-fest, we had a hands-on session as usual for who never had experience on mbed.
And attendees got many presents in raffles time. We are so happy with goodies from mbed.org, ARM-Japan, Suga Koubou, @ytsuboi, @minicube and NXP.


/media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_dsc_9397.jpg /media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_dsc_9399.jpg /media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_dsc_9398.jpg /media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_dsc_9400.jpg /media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_dsc_9401.jpg

This was one of most exciting user meeting. We hope to hold user meeting in this area again!

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