mbed-fest 2013 (@Tokyo)

"mbed-fest 2013" : 3rd user meeting held in Tokyo, Japan on 16-Feb (at NXP Semiconductors Tokyo office).

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30 people attended for this meeting and 6 presenters talked about mbed and their projects.
It was so exciting mbed-meeting ever held. The discussion in wide and deep.
The presentation sessions are broadcasted by USTREAM for who cannot come. Those were recorded and you can watch those on http://ustre.am/GXIP.

The "mbed-fest2013" was started with a video message from mbed-team in UK.
There were many exciting news from mbed-team those were shared by attendees in the room. /media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_dsc_7974.jpg

Next 6 presentations were done.

  • NXP : "What is mbed?"
  • Junichi KATSU ( http://mbed.org/users/jksoft913/ ) : Communicating with iPhone through Bluetooth4.0
  • Hirohito MIYAHARA ( RS omponents ) : Introduction to "mbed application board"
  • Yoshihiro TSUBOI ( http://mbed.org/users/ytsuboi/ ) : Pati-bed (Compatible mbed) board
  • Toyomasa WATARAI ( http://mbed.org/users/MACRUM/ ) : Introduction to off-line compiler and CMSIS-DAP debugging environment
  • Tatsuji MIKAMI ( Senio networks ) : mbed for high school students
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A hands-on session held also for people who are new to mbed. They tried "Hello world" and its modifications. /media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_dsc_8030.jpg /media/uploads/nxpfan/_scaled_dsc_8006.jpg

We enjoyed raffles at end of the meeting. There were mbeds, tumblers, pens, USB mouse, USB memories and books from ARM, NXP and Mr.Katsu who is a host of this meeting.

After the meeting, we had a beer party at same place.
It was so exciting to exchange ideas around the mbed.
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