The PCAL9555, PCAL9554 series is a low-voltage 16-bit/8-bit General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) expander with interrupt. This conponent library is compatible to basic operation os GPIO expanders: PCAL9555, PCA9555, PCA9535, PCA9539, PCAL9554, PCA9554 and PCA9538. On addition to this, this library is including mbed-SDK-style APIs. APIs that similar to DigitaiInOut, DigitalOut, DigitalIn, BusInOUt, BusOut and BusIn are available.

Dependents:   PCAL9555_Hello OM13082-JoyStick OM13082_LED OM13082-test ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for PCAL955x



CompGpioExp.cpp [code]
CompGpioExp.h [code]
CompGpioExpAPI.h [code]
GpioBusIn.cpp [code]
GpioBusIn.h [code]
GpioBusInOut.cpp [code]
GpioBusInOut.h [code]
GpioBusOut.cpp [code]
GpioBusOut.h [code]
GpioDigitalIn.cpp [code]
GpioDigitalIn.h [code]
GpioDigitalInOut.cpp [code]
GpioDigitalInOut.h [code]
GpioDigitalOut.cpp [code]
GpioDigitalOut.h [code]
PCAL9554.cpp [code]
PCAL9554.h [code]
PCAL9555.cpp [code]
PCAL9555.h [code]
PCAL955x.cpp [code]
PCAL955x.h [code]