fuyuno sakura

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EA 4088 Tips (for me)
EA LPC4088 mbed's "SWD ERROR" and RECOVERY
mbed11U24 に CMSIS-DAP のリファレンス実装(NXP:AN11321)コードを焼いてみるテスト
LPC800-mini board's P1 to P44 are hard to find for me.
When I Use CMSIS-DAP Debug with LPC1768-mbed, Debugger starts from ADDRESS 0x1FFF0080.
LPC810 を FRDM-KL25Z に直結してデバッグ
Using MARMEX_OLED library with FRDM-KL25Z mbed
OV7670 with FIFO AL422B camera module simple test program
PowerMCU.com's LCD PANEL with LGDP4531 SPI Initialize code (Unstable).