Dependents of FatFileSystem

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Program to test USB Mass storage
Hi. This is the feed program for Cosm. (The previous name of the services is Pachube.) cosm, Pachube
a program i made a while back to log gps/accelerometer data
An example program for mbed application board to show the USB flash disk working
A USB/360deg Rotational device, communicating via blue-tooth, test code
SiPM basded cosmic ray detector data acquisition system.
class library to access fischertechnik interfaces via USB fischertechnik, ftlib, ftmsclib
Tweaked version
Added FATFileSystem
Capstone project for Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering 2011
local fix version of myBlueUSB (http://mbed.org/users/networker/code/myBlueUSB/). - merge deleted files which are required to compile. - enable echo back of received data via RFCOMM. bluetooth, rfcomm
simple ecu reader
Fork BlueUSB lib for NHK robot contest 2014 TEU JAPAN
Quick hack to make NSX-39 (Poke-Miku) USB MIDI device to speak "mbed" from mbed which acts as an USB host. MIDI, miku, NSX-39, USB Host, USB MIDI
Sports tracker
mbed file downloader
File Downloader to USB msc, sd card and local directory
File Downloader to USB msc, sd card and local directory
You can use two mode time setting. (1) receive real time from NTP server (2) manual setting.Before startup, it should be download some voice file into micro SD-card.
Talk Watch system using NTP timer for JBB. JBB, NTP
A security system that is activated after the object is removed from the box.
Using at Craft Club blueusb, Wii
Pendrive to sd card data transfer coding
basic code
With Libraries
one lap kind of works
More HACMan stuff again
BlueUSBをつかってみた PS3 BlueUSB