USBHost library. NOTE: This library is only officially supported on the LPC1768 platform. For more information, please see the handbook page.

Dependencies:   FATFileSystem mbed-rtos

Dependents:   BTstack WallbotWii SD to Flash Data Transfer USBHost-MSD_HelloWorld ... more

Issue: Requesting support for the offline GCC (ARM Embedded) Toolchain

I tried compiling a sample project exported from the online compiler using GCC (ARM Embedded) as the selected toolchain. I simply exported the project and ran make. It produced errors related to "packed does not name a type".

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22 Aug 2013

Hi Mike,

I was able to compile the USBHost library using GCC. The change I made related with this error is the following: - replace struct definitions from this:

typedef packed struct { uint32_t data; } mystruct;

- to this

typedef struct { uint32_t data; } attribute((packed)) mystruct;

This changes should solve your problem..