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Issue: USBDevice with Nucleo F401

It's possible to use USBDevice with Nucleo F401? Target which I have selected is ST Nucleo F401RE but when I add USBDevice library I get compilation error 35. I review codes little bit and I can see in USBEndpoints.h this code:

#elif defined (TARGET_STM32F4XX)
#include "USBEndpoints_STM32F4.h"
#error "Unknown target type"

but unfortunately this target is not set because I get "Unknown target type". Doesn't ST Nucleo F401RE support USB, or I'm doing something wrong?


23 Mar 2014


this type of issue is more a question than an issue. As error message says, the usbdevice is not yet supported. Can you close this issue, and rather ask a question. Thanks.

I don't see there any dedicated usb connector, neither usb peripheral on the pinout on mbed site. However, the F4 series have usb peripheral.


30 Mar 2014

I managed to get USBDevice to work with Nucleo F401. Amazingly, it only required a few lines of code to be changed ( Maybe this could be added to the official library?