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Add #include local_ffconf.h so config can be project specific without modifying the library

A sample fragment and description has been added to the beginning of ffconf.h the #include is at the end of ffconf.h to allow any #defines to be overridden in local_ffconf.h

The rationale behind this is I am finding that high resource libraries like USB host MSD and EthernetInterface are not configured as I need them. Obviously making changes directly in ffconf.h or similar files breaks if you update the library.

By implementing this patch, making changes is trivial. The downside is if you don't want to make changes you still need a project level local_ffconf.h file, even if it is empty. The compiler should throw an error about a missing include which will lead a user to ffconf.h and the information on adding the sample fragment.

Adds "local_ffconf.h" as a project level file to override configuration without changing the librarys