Forks of FATFileSystem

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

old repo - SD card read example
B.A.T. working FATFileSystem
modified to compile for me
fix warning "statement is unreachable" in file ff.cpp
Change access to __name to use getName() accessor. __name no longer public.
add MemFileSystem::dump and MemFileSystem::load
Capturing (forking) this version of FATFileSystem and SDFileSystem because I found that the newer versions do not work with Nucleo boards
thomasgds changed
my version
IOT LCD Extra Credit
first release for keyboard
Fork of FATFileSystem that exposes FILINFO in the FATDirHandle. This allows obtaining true file sizes and testing whether a dir pointer is a directory or a file.
a bit change in FATFileSystem
wave player