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Works in IT, with electronics (embedded and otherwise) as a hobby. Voluntary STEM ambassador in my spare time, supporting schools with learning and vocational activities in IT and electronics.

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  • microbit-74HC595

    Uses micro:bit SPI function to send data to a connected 74HC595 shift register (MBED code) - proof of concept

    Last updated: 21 Jan 2019 7 0
    GitHub hosted
  • micro:bit 74HC595 shift register

    Programs for the BBC micro:bit (some will require external hardware)

    74hc595, micro:bit, Shift Register
    Last updated: 11 Feb 2018 1 1
  • Microbit-VGM

    BBC micro:bit SN76489N VGM chiptunes player

    Last updated: 11 Feb 2018 3 0
  • microbit-vgmplayer

    This project uses a BBC micro:bit and external circuit to play BBC micro (SN76489) VGM sound files.

    Last updated: 21 Jan 2019 19 0
    GitHub hosted
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