Kenji Arai

27 pages


SD Card & microSD Card control program + RAM Disk
Serial communication interface using BLE function
BLE Client and Server program for UART function
This is an explanation for the VL53L0X sensor library modification background.
Change default setting, HSI+PLL(62MHz) to HSE+PLL(72MHz)
Standby mode , around 10uA on Nucleo-F446RE
RTC works after reset and power-off if you set "Battery back-up circuit".
Frequency counter using GPS 1PPS with mbed board
WakeUp function from DeepSleep mode using RTC1
: Data Logger function includes Barometer & temperature (BMP180), Humidity & temp. (RHT03), Sunshine (Cds), RTC data. : Logging data saves into EEPROM (AT1024) using ring buffer function.
The BNO055 is an intelligent 9-axis “Absolute Orientation Sensor”, which includes sensors and sensor fusion in a single package.
Introduce TAIYO YUDEN BLE Module
LSE start-up problem on Nucleo mbed board.
Starts an official support for L152RE as rev.77 but need to modify for proper operation.