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Inventor patented system to extract water from air powered mostly by solar or waste heat.

Inventor Water flow system to recommend placement of micro dams to improve aquifer recharge

Joseph’s public repositories

  • data_log

    Proivdes data log data structure for FRAM, EPROM chip with functions to read chip and send back on serial data string.

    Data Logging, datalog, FRAM, log
    Last updated: 13 Apr 2016 12 18
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Pulls unique serial number from CPU and prints to serial console and displays on LCD. Used to generate a guaranteed unique ID for IoT apps where the IoT device needs …

    CPU ID, device serial number, unique device identifier
    Last updated: 09 Mar 2016 2 51
  • hdc1080

    interface library to support TI hdc1080 humidity and temperature sensor

    Humidity, I2C, sensor
    Last updated: 14 Sep 2016 2 65
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    I2C address scanner - Scans I2C bus on specified pins and prints all addresses where a active responder is found.

    I2C, I2C address
    Last updated: 30 Mar 2016 9 326
  • multi-serial-command-listener

    Command listener for serial ports capable of listening to multiple ports simultaneously. It considered \n \r command terminators and will make callback to client code when it detects completed commands. …

    COMMAND PARSER, serial command, uart interupt
    Last updated: 31 Mar 2016 6 89
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Reads all the ADC ports available on the Nucleo F303K8 and prints the results in Value Read, Volts and 16 bit unsigned short.

    f303k8, NUCLEO-F303K8
    Last updated: 30 Mar 2016 3 59
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Test code attempting to drive a Ebay SSD1306 128X65 LCD from STM F303K8. The chip responds my I2C address scanner but the LCD never turns on or displays anything.

    Last updated: 30 Mar 2016 4 54
  • ohms_law

    Ohms law basic calculations for calculating R2 in voltage divider when R1 is known and to calculate voltage drop ratio when both R1 and R2 are known.

    resistance, Voltage Divider, voltage drop
    Last updated: 30 Aug 2016 4 5
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    modified for stm chips

    Last updated: 30 Mar 2016 4 16
  • temp-thermisterfor-ERT-J0

    Calculate temperature based on resistance from thermistor with lookup chart

    Last updated: 30 Aug 2016 7 13
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